Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 15: Six Months Old

The pictures will come.
I weigh almost 30 pounds.
Dr Anna the vet said I am handsome.
I choose to believe that.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of human baby Ashland and Mom and me.

February 9: First Corgi Meetup

 I'm gettin' sniffed.

Sweet Chloe
 Can you see me now?
 Watching some of the Pembrokes - the tail-less corgis
 Guarding the tunnel
 Sniffin'. Yeah, one of us is a beagle
I think that's Rambo I'm sniffin'.
 Checkin' out the pack
 The wood-grain colored fellow is my new friend Woody
What you can't see is all the running around we did. I came home and I slept for hours!

February 5: Hangin' Out at the House

 Thirty six inches, nose to tail.
 I got bored and took everything out of my crate.

February 4: Graduation from Intermediate Training

I got a certificate.
 and I got to wear the graduation hat again. I wore it for a few more seconds than I did last time.
 And there was frozen yogurt for a treat!
I learned to heal and to go to my rug and stay there. That one pays good treats!
Mommy signed me up for advanced training. At the end of that there is a big test and if I pass I will be a Canine Good Citizen.
 Here I am with Trainer Marj, being a wiggly puppy. Hee hee.

February 2: Ground Hog Day!

It was a beautiful day! Mom says that once this day happened over and over. That would be great because the sun was out all day, which is unusual. But mom said it was just in a movie. Oh well, I had fun!

We went to the big grassy place so I could run, although I have to drag my long line with me because Mom doesn't trust that I would come if she called me. (she's right.)
Here I am with all the sticks I collected.
 A very enjoyable day.